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Unbong Kang
Posted Jul 03 - Read on Facebook

hello! everyone :)
this prototype is my first framerjs project.
> Facebook Paper app - Fold interaction

recently framerjs seem hot prototyping tool.
code is still not perfect. But it was fun.
See you again. Good day~

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Jordan Robert Dobson

Nice work!

Jorn van Dijk

This is you first you say? Looks legit!

William Lee Jian Cheng

Genius interaction you have there!

Joseph Decker

that is very sexy, my fingers are now moist.

Francois Jordaan

That looks great! What did you use to create the video?

Ed Monterrubio

Nice W!!

Unbong Kang

Goodbye.. paper.. T_T

Mike Ketfi

This is verry good @Woonbong Kang

Mohamed Boumaiza

Is there a library to use this interaction on android development ?

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