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Chris Camargo
Posted Feb 09 - Read on Facebook

Is there a quick and easy way to shift the position of the device frame? I want to move it around so I can do some detailed screen recordings.


Jangala Nikhileswar

Hi! I have tried following this. But it's not working for me. Screen remains a bit outside of the phone and also a black layer remains behind the phone. You can check the file here

How can we solve this?

Jurre Houtkamp

The way we do this is by recording the actions you want to make in the prototype and then add the zooming effects with screenflow

You can use any video editing software you like but this is our preference because the high quality and ease of use.

Chris Camargo Jangala Nikhileswar

Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Chris Camargo,

You can simply set "Framer.Device.screen.x = xPos" and "Framer.Device.x = xPos" to achieve the desired device position on the canvas.

Chris Camargo

Thanks, Krijn!

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