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Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey dudes and dudettes, here's a module I made a while ago but only recently cleaned up sufficiently to share.

The original use case was to add a spring to an eased animation for finer animation control, as discussed a while back with Jordan Robert Dobson, Marc Krenn et al, but I've also included gravity and generally found it to be handy for a bunch of things – hopefully it'll be helpful to some of you guys too.

Some examples:

Get it here:


Jorn van Dijk

Nice work!

Jorn van Dijk

Seriously, very cool :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

This looks pretty great!

Cc Pasquale D'Silva

Pasquale D'Silva


Pasquale D'Silva

This shit should be built right into framer!

George Kedenburg III

o shit

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Thanks guys :) please feel free to suggest improvements as issues or pull requests if you think of anything it's missing or could do better. I know the unhook function is a bit rudimentary, since my own use cases have been fairly straight forward so far

Marc Krenn

Amazing work, Sigurd! :)

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