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Joshua Bradley
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

Hi excellent people!
Has anybody done any performance/stress-testing on sketch file imports? I'm experiencing some issues importing a 25mb, ~60 artboard sketch file. It seems to take a few minutes.
Wondered if anybody knew of any generic performance gains I could make by making changes to the file (eg. shallower nesting, no images, etc). I'm just not sure what is expensive (from a processing point of view) and what isn't. Any suggestions would be awesome.


Joshua Bradley

I'm also wondering whether having layer/group names in Sketch correctly formatted for Framer would speed the import process up (eg. no layer names starting with numbers, no spaces, no duplicates)

Cemre Güngör

Out of curiosity what do you have there?

Joshua Bradley

Have where? On the artboards? It's a long flow for a client app. Automotive, finance, China. It's not how I would structure a Sketch file created with Framer in mind from the beginning, but it's what we've got ;)

Andrey Yanovskiy

Make separate file just for Framer, keep artboards that you will animate only. Flatten everything that wouldn't be animated. Some elements you can substitute as Layers, some as text,svg's directly in Framer, for example. Just do not import everything.

Joshua Bradley

Right, interesting suggestions, thanks- smaller files definitely seem quicker. I'm not sure I follow what you mean by "Some elements you can substitute as Layers, some as text,svg's directly in Framer, for example" - could you expand on that a little?

Kevin Cannon

I used the * at the end of the layer group name a lot in order to 'flatten' the group whenever possible. Try that

Joshua Bradley

Oh excellent, I didn't know you could do that. Thanks

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