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Samarth Bahuguna
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

When importing multiple screens from Sketch, do they need to be artboards inside a single page or can we access multiple Sketch pages (and their artboards) from Framer?

I usually put different screens in different pages in Sketch, and different states of a screen in artboards within its page. Framer's documentation seems to suggest having all artboards in a single page but I couldn't find a definitive answer. Thanks!


Kim Does

I'm pretty sure you can only access things on the first page ... so that wouldn't work sadly.

Samarth Bahuguna

Ok. I just wanted to check if I'm missing something obvious. Thanks!

Jonathan Zazula

You can access other artboards, they will just be placed outside the current view of whichever display you have. To access them it would be best to set their x& y value to 0 and make sure you bring the later to the front

Kevin Cannon

I tend to create a sketch file specifically for my Framer prototypes and put them all on the same artboard. For me it's the smoothest option I've found.

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