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Juan J. Ramirez
Posted Jun 28 - Read on Facebook

A thought: It would be amazing if someone could work on an iOS app like Frames or Frameless with baked-in access to the camera API, Bluetooth API, etc. Of course, the app would need to provide an out-bound API to get those objects and make them available to be manipulated in Framer and injected into the DOM.

I know this is not a trivial project but I don't think is impossible. Has anyone ever thought about this or tried something similar? I heard in the past about some users who wrapped their prototypes in PhoneGap to gain access to the camera.

Perhaps someone is working on something like this. Anyone?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes. I've brought this up and they are considering it.

James Ryan

Hey Juan. I have a module that extends a layer, and creates a hidden file input that essentially lets you access the camera. It returns a base64 data url that you can set directly to an image in Framer.

If there's a few people interested I'll tidy it up and pop it on github.

Brian Williams

Cordova/ phone gap will work fine

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