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Malcolm Ellis
Posted Jun 24 - Read on Facebook

Hello All!

Does anyone have an "orientation example" that works on the phone with the latest version of Framer (v65)? I've seen a few orientation examples out there, but they require updating when opening. Once updated there seems to be some background clipping occurring that prevents layouts from displaying properly.

Here's an example file,

To test,
1.) be sure you have v65
2.) open the file and select "try anyway" when prompted to update
3.) test the file on your phone, changing orientation (works for me)

then try,

2.) re-open the file and select "update" and save your new version
3.) test the file on your phone - now you should see the clipping issue when changing orientation

any ideas?

thank you!


Jonas Treub

A fix is on its way. Thanks for the heads up!

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