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Eric Wyman
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

Trying to target a layer state used in a loop. Adding the state in the loop creation and trying to animate it when clicking on another layer outside the loop. Can't seem to make the connection.


Niels van Hoorn

Hi Eric,

Interesting work! The problem with the approach you took is that the moveThisStuff variable only references one layer an the end of your loop. I've updated you project to make it work and added some comments to clarify:

Hope this makes sense, please let me know if anything is unclear!

Eric Wyman

Thanks so much Niels. So if I wanted to trigger multiple layers would I write like this?

stuffToMove.push(layerx, layery, layerz)

Eric Wyman

the .push essentially adds it to the outer array each time it is created?

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