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Max Schwartz
Posted Jun 24 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone have a good resource for creating snippets? I used the example file but when I tried to create a more robust snippet I get an error that says:

"Plugin error: {
NSLocalizedDescription = "A JavaScript exception occurred";

Any snippet advice or more elaborate examples would be greatly appreciated.


Jordan Robert Dobson

If just write it in Framer and paste it in.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I have a few posted here that might be helpful.

Max Schwartz

Awesome! Thanks Jordan!

Max Schwartz

Jordan I was trying to store a nice piece of code from Fausto but he was really clever and it was breaking in the snippet. It finally worked when I added backslashes where I was creating the cards thanks to help from my friend Kevin.

Jordan Robert Dobson


Blaine Billingsley

Regular expressions...... more like IRREGULAR expressions..... AMIRITE :D

Jordan Robert Dobson

Idk I love them. Once you understand what they do it's pretty damn easy and powerful to find patterns or matches in strings.

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