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Hyengjoo Nam
Posted Jun 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,
This time I made a rating slider using gooey effect.
I think it would be nice idea to show emoji when rating something.

Try it out, and I hope you will like it.
** This works well with Safari.

By the way, I couldn’t use various background color, because of gooey effect.
I think its contrast & blur factors affect background color…but I am not sure exactly.
A few vivid colors such as red and yellow can be printed well.
If someone can solve this problem please let me know.

Thanks !!


Sergio Majluf

I love the concept!!!. Testing in Chrome, the gooey effect isn't really working, but alas, I think it doesn't really matter that much. Just having the face pop up over the indicator is good feedback.

Can I suggest?:
- have the face popup on click/tap, not on drag
- if there are only 5 faces, snap to number indicators
- if you expect intermediate results (3.5), change the smile with Utils.modulate or something like that.
- as a refinment, animate de dot and face to any point over the horizontal line where the user might click.

Great job!!

Sergey Voronov

great stuff)

Ryan Teo

Nice!!! I like the changing expressions as well.

Jonathan Lazarini

simply awesome! :)

Kyle Gardner

Nice! Would be cool if once you selected... the face popped off, floated up and stayed as a confirmation of your selection

Vlad Lokshin

It passes he "smile" test :)

Mario Vassiliades

Josh Josh Josh

Blaine Billingsley

I give it a 5

Stella Pelagatti

Amazing! Congrats!!

Ian 'Unsuave Panda' Donahue

Really awesome. I love the concept. Really cool!

Steven Ren

cool idea, how to approach gooey effect ? I would try this later

Simon Zach

It touched me! So great.

Kevin Keiper

cute but totally unnecessary

Minjee Jou

형주 good [email protected]

Rapha Ël

Fun :)

Christoph Fahlbusch

That made me smile :)

Dan Carew

Haha, super cute.

Gregory Gonzalez

So awesome!

Ralph DeMars Gnonlonfoun

So awesome

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