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Patryk Adaś
Posted Jun 23 - Read on Facebook

How to make it grow in other direction? Currently
I am using 'width of purple element = right.togglex - left.togglex'


Brian Williams

swap the toggle x values?

Jun Xiu Chan

What about rotate/flip the element 180 degree depending on the direction

Kim Does

You can set the origin of a layer, which will be the point from which it grows like:
layer.originX = 1.

For x, zero is left, 0.5 is the center, and 1 is the right.

So depending on from which direction you're dragging you can switch the x origin I think.

Arron J Hunt

You also need to move the purple to element's x in the negative direction

Trevor Phillippi

To ^ point, as you change your width, you'll want to alter its x-position. LMK if this quick example helps

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