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Shaun Mosley
Posted Jun 28 - Read on Facebook

Just dreaming here... Can you get a Framer project to run on Android Wear (or Apple Watch) so you can test it in the real world?

I'm envisioning something similar to the Framer android app or Framerless that makes Framer code feel native.

Would love to know what is and is not capable.
Thanks! :-)


Brian Williams

Its essentially just a webpage if your watch can run web pages (with js) then yes

Kevyn Arnott

Not yet. WatchOS/Android Wear doesn't support web views nor does tvOS. Maybe one day.

Shaun Mosley

Thanks for reaffirming my thoughts. I'll keep dreaming! B|

Jordan Robert Dobson

You could try working with the Pebble SDK 4.0 it's fairly robust and is JavaScript.

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