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Edward Sanchez
Posted Jul 01 - Read on Facebook

Has anyone successfully wrapped a Framer prototype into an Xcode app? I can do it but then it tells me about local file restrictions on the browser. I do "try anyway" and it seems to run, but my Framer as a MOV and then the mov goes full screen overtaking the app and the app crashes.

Another issue is that when I load my prototypes in apps like Frame and Frameless, my video appears gray while it's being dragged into view. Maybe it's a caching issue that wouldn't happen if I could load the video through a wrapper app.

Koen Bok I imagine it would be fairly simple for you to make a wrapper app and provide as a resource. Would be great for demoing your prototypes anywhere, and switch between them as easily as switching apps.



Jordan Robert Dobson

This is already happening. You're in luck.

Edward Sanchez

Woop! ETA on it? Would love to test.

Poojan Jhaveri

Yes please. I want this functionality as well. Jonas Treub Can you send me the test version as well.

Blaine Billingsley

Max Schwartz

Philippe Côté

Available in beta soon? :)

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