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James Martinez
Posted Jun 22 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! When working with page components, I've noticed that the last page is never displayed. I've included a link to the template project that Framer Studio ships with.

In this example there should be five pages, but only four are displayed.


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey James Martinez. There should actually be 4 pages. This is because of the extra dot in '0...5' in the for loop. '0..5' loops including the 5th element and '0...5' till the 5th element. :)

Krijn Rijshouwer

Ah I just spotted that the 4th page is hidden though, so there is another bug in there. Is this what you meant?

Eelco Lempsink

This is indeed a bug, working on a fix. The workaround for now is to call ‘updateContent’ on ‘page’ after adding all pages:

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