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Hendrik Kleine
Posted Jun 20 - Read on Facebook

Prototype of upcoming analytics app. I've been struggling a bit with charts in framer. Typically, as in this example at the end, I have multiple layers, which I want to animate in the same fashion, in sequence. For example, the first bar in the chart is:

sketch.SR_Bar1.opacity = 0
opacity: 1
delay: 3

the second

sketch.SR_Bar2.opacity = 0
opacity: 1
delay: 3.05

Terrible solution, I am sure :) Any suggestions on how to loop over many layers and perform the same animation, with a time gap between each layer?

Any constructive feedback welcome. Thanks!


Anton Jarl

Not my prototype, but Marc Krenn posted it in relation to a similar question

Simon Zach


Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

Awesome guys

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