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Hans Kristian Smedsrød
Posted Dec 08 - Read on Facebook

Hello friends! Do you know if it's possible to use audio as an input source in Framer? I want to trigger an animation based on volume from the mic.


Paul Holliday

Your doing framer now Hans Kristian Smedsrød!

Heni Amundsen

yeah with p5.js and the p5.sound library

you can import p5 with this code
thanks to Ee Venn Soh for the code

designing for a 360x640 Android phone,

In JS:
// Setup your canvas
var p5canvas = new Layer({
width: 360*4,
height: 640*4,
background: ‘transparent’

// Create an empty div to serve as an anchor point
p5canvas.html = "<div id='p5canvas'></div>";

// Using Framer selector API
var sketch = p5canvas.querySelector('#p5canvas');

// p5.js
function setup() {
// Matching canvas size
var cnv = createCanvas(360*4, 640*4);

// Using p5 parent API to nest it within #p5canvas

Heni Amundsen

there is also a Speech Recognition so you could talk to your prototypes

Hans Kristian Smedsrød

Do you know of any examples out there I could have a look at?

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