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Justin Smith
Posted Jun 30 - Read on Facebook

Did somebody here created a prototype using the HighCharts.js charting library[1]? I tried to do it but for some reason, I can't output anything, despite no errors and all the correct dependencies included in my index.html[2]

They have pretty neat bar and line charts that I would like to implement. I also tried to use d3 as a backup but unfortunately failed.
[2] HighChart.js itself and jQuery, all via their CDN.


Justin Smith

It's perhaps my methodology which is incorrect. I tried now with Google Chart and I still can't output anything:

Koen Bok

I fixed your example so it works with Google charts. External scripts are always a bit hard to get to work as the examples are not in CoffeeScript and they need to get hooked up to a Framer layer.

Justin Smith

Thank you so much Koen Bok! If I may ask, may you direct me to some articles/help pages that I should read in order for me to try to make the next conversions myself?

I felt I was pretty good with Framer until I banged my head on that. I definitely lack knowledge. My next goal is to do the same with HighCharts, using your Google charts adaptation as my reference.

Klarka Hanykova

Hey did you get it to work with HighCharts? I am having trouble to do so even with the Gcharts example :(

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