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Wez Elliott
Posted Jun 19 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys I'm fairly new to framer... quick noob question. When I import a sketch file into framer no matter how simple (see attached).

The parent object doesn't appear to respect the name of the child objects... it appends a "1" to the end of the original name. It's like every object needs a unique identifier regardless of parent item

Artboard1 > maincontainer

Artboard2 > maincontainer1

Why is this? Is there a way to prevent it?

Thanks in Advance


Kim Does

Every object in framer does need a unique name. I don't know of any way to prevent this (and even if you do, targeting layers would possibly give wonky behavior).

Brian Byle

I agree with Kim. I attempted to keep multiple layers with the same name, but I ran into difficulty. My workaround was just to add a number at the end of the layer name.

Wez Elliott

The thing is... It seems you can have the same object name inside containers if you create them programmatically.

Brian Williams

Variables with the same name in the same scope overwrite each other with a new reference.

if js/ framer was more object oriented then this would be a much more simple thing

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