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Koen Bok
Posted Sep 22 - Read on Facebook

[Update: Framer runs great on 10.12]

A quick note about macOS Sierra 10.12.

Right now Framer does not run on Sierra, mainly due to a lot of WebKit changes. Luckily they seem easy to fix, so we hope to have Sierra support in the beta in a matter of weeks.


David Diamond


Konstantin Stihe

is Sketch working? any other troubles?

Eelco Lempsink

The latest beta (5101, just released) already has a bit of preliminary Sierra support, making the inspector work again and fixing some crashes:

Ron Sparks

you all are on it. glad I read this.

Andre LaMont

Unfortunately, I've noticed that MacOS does not play nice with many apps that are essential to Dev work.

Michael Verdi

Any news here? Will Framer Studio support mac os Sierra soon?

Koen Bok

Framer runs great on 10.12!

Benjamin E Saravia

It works on 10.12 without any problem over here :)

Michael Verdi



It runs a problem on 10.12 safari, the google web font will cause a problem.
I add google font style in the style.css, but run error in Safari, works on chrome.
The code below represent a textlayer with "cwTeXHei" font will not show in the Safari...

Sample Project:

epLabel2=new TextLayer
name: "epLabel"
text: "Hello World"
color: "#78A524"

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