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Brent Riddell
Posted Jun 16 - Read on Facebook

Might seem like a dumb question but is there anyway to rig up the back button (or area the back button is in) for a tap/click event in the browser device in Framer Studio? I would make my own event for it, not expecting it to magically work as an actual back button or anything. I tried placing a layer under it but I guess since it's outside of the 'screen' it can't be interacted with? I'm making a site prototype for some user testing and a simulated back button would be good to have for the particular test.

If it's not possible because of the screen limitation, I suppose I could make a custom device container and put a browser header image inside of the screen area, sort of recreate the current look, so then I can place a layer over it for the event, unless there is an easier way? :)