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Shaun Mosley
Posted Jun 17 - Read on Facebook

Question about layer names: In Sketch, my file uses dashes in the name, ex "PD-1" or "PD-2". Issue is, when I type "sketch.PD-1" it thinks I'm doing a mathematical operation.

Is there anyway to make framer read the layer names as strings? Want to try other routes before fixing everything in Sketch.


Shaun Mosley

Found a relatively painless solution: Use the RegExp Renamer plugin and replaced all "PD-" with "PD".

One suggestion to add to Framer in addition to "Layer names can't start with numbers" warning is " or contain dashes '-' and other shady characters you don't wanna be hanging around"

Eelco Lempsink

Hi Shaun, what version of Framer are you using? With version v65 we fixed this specific issue (and also the one when the layer name starts with a number in Sketch)

Shaun Mosley

Umm... It says v65 now. And I believe I updated before working on it last time, but I can try that issue again

Shaun Mosley

Tried it again, but it works like you said. Not sure what I broke last time, but thanks for following up Eelco Lempsink!

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