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Anders Tolborg
Posted Jun 16 - Read on Facebook

How do you deal with Framer adding 1,3,4 etc to layers imported from Sketch (if they have the same name)? In my case I have a list of similar elements, where I want to target the same sublayer for each element. I have tried to loop through them, but the keys do not match the added number.

How do I target all the buttons?


Brian Williams

You cant have variables with the same name in the same scope. As framer is a psuedo state machine it will still draw them but the reference to the object will be updated to the last one you assign to it.

So for example.

a = new layer
x: 12

a = new layer
x: 24

a.x == 24

Brian Williams

that said, cant you just use the parent layers children collection?

Anders Tolborg

Brian. What do mean when you write "children collection" ? From the parent(s) I try to use .childrenWithName, but the problem is that the children have different names child, child1, child2 etc.

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