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Sean Alling
Posted Jun 16 - Read on Facebook

FEATURE REQUEST: Can we get .framer folders be arranged as .framer document packages! This would allow executable/bundle-like behavior for a framer "file" while maintaining the current package contents structure/hierarchy.... This applies to macOS of course... I made a framer file icon as an example (I can provide a .sketch app of this icon if necessary).


Koen Bok

We considered this a few times, but after running some tests we decided we like the folder format better, because a framer project is really just an html project you can poke around in, and we like to expose that.

Sean Alling

So what we could do to maintain that bundablility is represent it as a document package as stated, but also have a menu item that allows to "show document contents" / "export document package as folder" and a "import folder as document package" / "create document from folder" which would itself perform the following actions:

Sean Alling

1) make a copy of the doc packge changing the file extension to .zip

Sean Alling

2) unzip the file (using a command line tool, to avoid prompting ArchiveUtility to open) ---> the resultant folder will allow you to "show package contents" or see inside the folder (it would function as it does currently)

Sean Alling

I think this would be a justified ability to have, but its provided as a second-class pro feature rather than at the expense of ease-of-use for .framer files represented in "non-executable" form

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