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Robert M
Posted Jun 17 - Read on Facebook

Hi fellow Framers,

A few months ago, I linked to a personal challenge to build 100 prototypes in 100 days.

Long story short: I built 50 prototypes in 50 days.

I didn't stop halfway, as much as it might seem that way. Instead, I started prototyping video games. Since these take a bit longer, I ended that blog post, and started a new one:

Feel free to follow along, download the prototypes, and especially offer new ideas for games or game mechanics to prototype. I will publish a new article each Thursday as long as I have something to build.


Marc Krenn

* Downwell
* The Witness puzzle mechanic
* Tetris
* Flappy Bird :P
* (Emoji) Memory
* Online multiplayer Tic-tac-toe (using Firebase)
* 4 in a row
* Frogger
* Half Life 3

Yiting Liu

I am thinking of doing the similar thing:I would like to learn designing micro interaction so I just came out a quate today:An icon a day,find the job paid!

Philippe Côté

Framer would really need to have WebGL at some point...

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