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Martin Halík
Posted Jun 15 - Read on Facebook


we are looking for a designers to join our team of 2 designers on (with 2 designers on 100 developers is little bit hard)... #remote possible (visits required), paycheck 3k $/monthly (if we won't find anyone we will have to offer more), #analytics full access, #responsibility big part of it, #friend with developers and experience with real product + real Framer prototyping. #illustrations #prototyping #visual #analytics. Let's call it Full Stack Designer.

Please message me on [email protected] – or just post here a link to your portfolio if you're interested. I'll try to respond here to. In the beginning of 2015 we were 30 employees and now we are over 600 and growing.

We're based in Czech republic.

P.S. Pssst we might be the next :)))
P.S.S. I know the salary is not SF level, but you know let's see if there is anyone who would be interested.

Koen Bok I'm looking forward to post things like this on we would pay for it :))