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Vishal Iyer
Posted Jan 23 - Read on Facebook

Has anybody noticed that when importing artboards from Sketch, the background color is applied in Framer even if you uncheck the background color option in Sketch? Since the default is white, you always see a white background in the imported artboard


Stephen Crowley

Hi Vishal- yes, this was a change a few updates back. You can loop through your artboards and set the background color (or disable) like this:

Vishal Iyer

Thanks Stephan! Seems like an odd thing though. Shouldn't framer just respect the sketch setting? I wonder what purpose this behavior serves

Koen Bok

This is one of those fuzzy cases with Sketch imports. The main reason was that this way we always get the same visual result as in Sketch. The default artboard background color is white, but the device background is black. That sometimes led to invisible imports.

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