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Jon Madison
Posted Jun 17 - Read on Facebook

ouch. framer's "blow out entire directory and recreate on every save" cost me a prototype. :( Granted i was doing something "nonstandard" (moving directories from command line while prototype was open in Studio) but still. ouch.


Eelco Lempsink

Shit, that should never happen. Is there a still a copy in the Trash? I would love to reproduce (and fix!) this, do you remember what you did step by step?

Brian Williams

:) use an external editor with it. also does framer use gulp? (I guess its hard to tell given its closed source but assumedly built off chromium or electron)

edit: On inspection it doesnt seem to do that for me.

Brian Williams

oh also source control

Eelco Lempsink

Brian, thanks! Which editor are you using? I tested with Vim and Atom which both don’t have any problem (either making changes in Framer or the editor).

I think I’ve tracked down the problem, by the way. We’re doing some internal review first, but it should be in a beta soon.

Eelco Lempsink

Brian, Jon, we think we’ve resolved the issue. Can you please try the latest beta (5101) to verify:

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