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Blaine Billingsley
Posted Jun 17 - Read on Facebook

Framerinos! In practicing module creation (and with the help of sigurd mannsaker) I am making progress on a tooltip Module. I am having a problem with bugginess in the destruction of the tooltip. currently, I am animating out and destroying the tooltip on Mouseout of the parent element, however if your mouse leaves via the tooltip itself, it just sits there and doesn't get destroyed. Any advice on a more fool-proof way to dismiss them?


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Blaine, cool stuff!

Because the tooltip layer is created as a child of the layer you’re hovering over, the mouseover will trigger again if you touch the tooltip that’s animating out.

You can use the (undocumented, sorry!) functions Utils.pointInFrame and Utils.convertPointFromContext to check if the point is still on the main layer by converting the location you get from the mouse event like this:

Blaine Billingsley

Hey Eelco thanks for the tip! I love stretching into undocumented waters! it looks like in your example the tooltip only works for the first square now. I don't get what's going on in your additional code enough to figure out the root of the problem. any ideas what to troubleshoot first?

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