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Chris Keith
Posted Jun 14 - Read on Facebook

Is there a good resource for learning how to make my own modules?

Most of the tutorials ive found assume you understand all of the syntax being used and im still relatively new to this stuff and have no real experience with javascript.

like if i wanted to make a module that could add a circle shape layer to the center of my screen and had options for size and color that i could call within the framer prototype. looking for something basic to grasp the fundamentals a bit more clearly.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Sounds more like you want a class. And to store it in a module.

I would start with defining a class inside and then moving out to a module is easy peasy.

Chris Keith

thanks! ill start there as a research point

Jordan Robert Dobson

Start with this

class CustomCircle extends Layer

constructor: (options={}) ->
super options
@.borderRadius = "50%"

This would be your most basic class for a circle.


myCircle = new CustomCircle

Jordan Robert Dobson

Good luck Sir Butternubs.

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