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Ethan Miller
Posted Jun 17 - Read on Facebook

Anybody else have problems working with asset files in a Framer project folder while the project is open in Framer? If I'm in Finder and try to open an image from an open Framer project, I often get System Error -1407.

I don't get the error if I open the image using Photoshop's "open file" dialog, but i do get the error if i drag the file from Finder into Photoshop or Sketch (or anything else).

I've noticed the error on a co-worker's machine too.

Seems like a relatively recent issue. I'm on El Capitan.


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yea I have noticed something like this too.

Eelco Lempsink

Thanks for the report! We’re looking into this. We made some changes to make saving Framer projects safer (less chance of ending up with a half-written project if something went wrong), but this has caused some compatibility problems if you use the project folder, well, as a folder (which should totally work) and the files in it with other software.

Eelco Lempsink

Ethan, Jordan, we think we’ve resolved the issue. Can you please try the latest beta (5101) to verify:

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