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Claire Goetschel
Posted Jun 13 - Read on Facebook

Hi there,
I'm having trouble importing a Sketch file in that I'm getting an error in the inspector, "Layer or Artboard names cannot start with a number." Nothing in my Sketch file starts with a number. After I import, only 2 of the 16 layers show up in the code but not in the previewer. I can't share the files since it's confidential but has anyone experienced this?
Also, I notice some other people have issues with layers positioned incorrectly in Framer when imported. I'm getting this as well.


Andrey Yanovskiy

Check that ALL layers(even symbols) are inside groups in Sketch.

Claire Goetschel

Thanks Andrew. Everything is grouped in Sketch. I tried creating a new prototype starting with a different Sketch file and the problem persisted.

Claire Goetschel

Sorry *Andrey

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