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Stanislas Chaillou
Posted Jun 14 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers. Problem with my prototype. The video says it all. Once the 2 dots are stored in the menu, when I drag one of them back on the screen and I close the menu, the dot goes back to the menu instead of continuing to move towards to center. Also, the other dot is 'broken': won't move anymore. Help and explanations more than welcome^^


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Stanislas, that’s a really cool project! One thing I noticed that might be tripping you up is that you use the ‘task’ variable in the event handlers, but when those are triggered the variable will be overwritten (by the latest call to it). This can be easily fixed by wrapping ‘task’ in a ‘do’ call (e.g. on line 126). See the last section of the CoffeeScript manual on loops for more info on how this works:

Brian Williams

They seem to be stopping when you click on them

Mike Johnson

This happened to me once and I was able to fix it by adding the x and y position to a default state. Mine had another state while dragging and when it switched states back to default it would return to its original position

Im not sure if it will fix your issue but worth trying.

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