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Koen Bok
Posted Jun 14 - Read on Facebook

WWDC is always a great time for Framer because the WebKit team has been doing an amazing job improving Safari, and those changes will automatically land in Framer with the next macOS update.

Apart from general improved JavaScript and graphics performance, I'm excited about these specifically:

Improved inspector UI:

Way faster JavaScript:

Timeline improvements:

Improved memory debugging:

Improved breakpoints:

You can try some of these features today with the Safari Tech Preview:


Христо Панайотов

It would be great if they implement ServiceWorkers and MediaAPI, so we can finally use it in production. Also, better ES6 support.

Felix Haus

Unfortunately WebKit has become the new IE :P
Would love to see framer switching from WebKit to Electron (Also better for supporting multi platform).

Koen Bok

We could in theory always switch to Electron, but in our tests WebKit is a lot faster for what we do, mainly graphics performance.

Felix Haus

Ok, makes sense, thanks for clarification (y)

Daniel Whyte

That's awesome.
On a side-note, any other framer users in SF this week?

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