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Travis Hall
Posted Apr 08 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, recently I’ve been working a lot with natural language. I’m a big fan of Fantastical 2’s use of natural language to allow events to be created quickly using natural language. I practised prototyping the basic event input using Jordan Dobson’s InputField module and Chrono.js - Moment.js

Has anyone tried any natural language js libraries with framer? for example?


Jordan Robert Dobson

Whoa! I hadn't seen this before. This is super awesome!

Jeongmin Kim

This concept is amazing.

Jeongmin Kim

I'm wonder how did you decide the default time for each context.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I go looking to see if anyone has used moment.js and see someone is using a module of mine and moment.js <3

Niels van Hoorn

This is impressive! Haven't played with NLP myself, but it would be interesting to hook it up to a NLP API like as well

Travis Hall

Nice, i'll have to check that out. is another interesting one. Thanks for linking that!

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