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Brett Moody
Posted Jun 15 - Read on Facebook

Trouble with ScrollComponent. Hi everyone, I have three items in a scrollComponent and none of them are scrolling. Two of the items are supposed to be clickable. I have the scrollComponent set as a superLayer for all of them and I have scroll Horizontal disabled (I want them to scroll vertically). Any Ideas why this isn't working? Here's my code: The items Valencia, Papalote, and Liberties should be scrollable.


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Brett, at the bottom of your project, you add (all?) layers as sublayers of fullScreenBackgroundDeposit. Because a layer can only have one parent/superLayer, this will remove the the items from the scrollview.

If you’re doing this to order the layers (z-index), you can simply move the creation of the fullScreenBackgroundDeposit to the top to have it appear behind everything else.

Brett Moody

Hi Eelco,

I'm actually doing it to organize the different pages of the app so that when I tap one of the bottom icons it just calls one super layer. I'm guessing I'll just need to have the scroll layer called separately if I want this to work

Brett Moody

Thanks for your help. Really appreciate your informative response

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