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Javier Eduardo Treviño
Posted Jun 11 - Read on Facebook

what do you guys think about using Framer Studio by its own to design both visuals and motion and leaving Sketch altogether?


John Grendon Enderby

I quite often come up with the basic concept for my work in sketch and then do the rest in framer usually only using images when absolutely necessary. I feel like this makes it easier to pass over to our development team. However if there is a relatively complex ui to explore I will usually build in sketch then work with the team to iron out usability problems and then go to framer. Very rarely do I import from sketch these days.

Samara Mohammed

This is a great question, I'm curious to hear people's thoughts on this too and why.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I haven't really used photoshop, sketch or illustrator for design work unless it's identity stuff for years now.

Jordan Robert Dobson

What properties are you missing from something like framer that you get in sketch?

Wouldn't you rather design in reality?

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