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Alex Escalante
Posted Jun 11 - Read on Facebook

Hello I've been working with Framer the last few days without issue. Suddenly, today, after I added a new module from GitHub (ajimix/Input-Framer), Framer stopped loading any of my modules.

I even removed the new module and still get the same error:

Error: Module x.y can't be found (FramerStudioViewer.js:3090)

The file framer.modules.js is not building, it only has the comment:

// This file will contain generated modules from the project/modules directory

Any ideas?

I was running v64 when I stumbled on this, and then found out v65 was released. Even after updating, same problem…


Alex Escalante

The only thing I think it could have disrupted Framer is that I followed the instructions for ajimix/Input-Framer:

Copy and keyboard.png into modules/ folder.

So I put the image on the modules folder, maybe it belonged to images folder? Anyway: it doesn't work even when I removed the files…

Jordan Robert Dobson

Can you share it?

Alex Escalante

It's already working. The bad part is I am not sure why. I closed the program a couple of times, touched and saved several files… :/

Jordan Robert Dobson

It might have gotten hung up not finding a file it needed. most times just restart.

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