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Lee Jungyoung
Posted Jun 10 - Read on Facebook

Hi, after update V64, layer inspector pannel went disabled and couldn't get it back. Anybody same problem here?


Daechan Im

I have the same problem. And 'Auto-Code' does not working, too.

Jorn van Dijk

Cc Edwin and Eelco

Miyoung Yoon

I have same problems like you guys

Edwin Van Rijkom

Thanks for your reports Daechan Im, Miyoung Yoon. We have multiple reports coming in on this issue and we're looking into what's causing this. In the meanwhile, if you're stuck - the previous version of Framer is still available for download at

Edwin Van Rijkom

With the latest beta we've enabled right click on the middle panel. This allows for trying to reload the panel, and if that fails bringing up the web inspector for the panel. We'd be interested to learn if you see any errors stated in the web inspector when the layer's aren't showing.

Edwin Van Rijkom

This should now be fixed with the latest beta:

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