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Juan J. Ramirez
Posted Jun 09 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framers!

Any good ideas to on how to open the native iOS mail client from a prototype.

I tried:

topBar.onTouchStart ->"<a href='mailto:[email protected]'>John Frank</a>","_self")

but that doesn't seem to work. Is there a UIWebView configuration that I need to pass?


Luca Pesavento

I think you'd need some sort of virtual machine/simulator to open the actual mail app. framer is just a web ui that looks like an iPhone.

Juan J. Ramirez

Ohh sorry my fault. I'm referring to when I'm mirroring the app on an actual phone and is being viewed through a webkit browser.

In iOS, you can actually open apps with URL schemes from a browser. Also the mailto url scheme should work and open the native mail client but it's not working....

Luca Pesavento

Allright. Perhaps it's a limitation of the Framer iOS app. But hey, given it's all javascript, html, and css I think you should be able to dive into your project, get the actual prototype and throw it into something like CodeKit and have it simulate a web server, so you can use safari and see if it works in safari. If it does, well...

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