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Arash Lowni
Posted Jun 09 - Read on Facebook

How do I parse substring from two strings and add them together?

e.g -

string1 = "£1.50"
string 2 = "£1.50"

add them together to get...

stringTotal = "£3.00"



Chris Camargo

Do you need to include £ in your first set of strings? If you need to perform arithmetic, I'd suggest using a function to transform your value (1.50) into a prepended string (£1.50), and do your math on the raw values.

Chris Camargo

But if you REALLY can't get around using formatting in your initial strings, here's an example. I just wouldn't recommend doing it this way. If your formatting changes in the future, you'd need to modify your logic for parsing the initial strings.

Jordan Robert Dobson

You could use regular expressions as well to remove the currency.

Thiago Duarte
Jordan Robert Dobson

Here's two options and a simple way to reformat it after you've added them together:

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