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Jorn van Dijk
Posted Jun 19 - Read on Facebook

We just released Framer V64 with Code Folds!

Code Folds help you organize big projects and make managing a lot of code easy. Select a piece of code, right click and fold it away. Its a huge productivity boost.

More details β†’


Giovanni Caruso

MIDIControl? I do <3 u, guys!!!

Benjamin Den Boer


Brent Riddell

This is perfect! thanks! :)

Marc Krenn

Nice vid, Ed! :)

Jonne Frankena

Aaron Boogaard

Benjamin E Saravia

wow!! Love it !!!
It would be nice if we could fold the external "*.coffee" files too...

George Kedenburg III

Tudor Munteanu

Well, this answers my "wouldn't it be nice if .." question from yesterday. Thanks!

Hugo Magallanes


Ciaran Madigan

This is fantastic. A great stride towards Framer being suitable for prototyping full apps

Moeed Mohammad


Dovile Jan


Ed Chao

I bless the rains!

Mike Johnson

Fantastic! Love the cmd-return shortcut for jumping into existing folds. Is there a shortcut for exiting a fold as well?

Dave Crow

So good. Love how you guys came up with the best solution for prototyping rather than just implementing the standard code folding feature.

Dezideriu Raita-Beeckman

Is that for Windows to guys?

Marty Laurita

Love the update! I tried it out though and some sections fold and some don't :/ I try the fold command and the screen just flashes briefly and doesn't fold..

Edward Sanchez


Chris Wang

Awesome update!
What does this icon mean? The one next to command?

Ben RodenhΓ€user

Great stuff. One question though: It looks like the canonical (only?) way to unfold stuff is to place the cursor next to the fold marker, right click and select "unfold". But one has to be careful not to place the mouse on top of the fold marker when doing this (because in that case, right clicking won't open the contextual menu) ... this is a little unintuitive, isn't it? Isn't the most natural way to unfold a folded piece of code by right clicking on that marker?

Steven Ren

Steven Ren

Fantastic! quickly organized your code

Kim Does

Cool stuff! Very curious how that is going to be in daily use!

One thing I noticed though is when I enter a fold, or exit a fold my document goes from 'no changes' to 'has changes' meaning neurotic me has to press save again. Maybe that's something you could prevent from happening?

Riomar Mccartney

Any shortcut to leave the fold, like pushing on escape will bring me back to the main code?

Justin Smith

This is awesome, probably the one feature I missed the most! thank you guys!

Justin Smith

By the way, Jorn van Dijk, I see that you rock your dock like as do, as clean as possible. With PathFinder it's possible to get rid of the Finder and Trash icons, and with cDock, you can customize the little remaining details :) Because, it's all about the details right? ;)

Joohee Park

Jorn van Dijk, I just updated to V64 and it doesn't show me a layer window anymore. what's wrong?

Andy Matuschak

This is a very welcome addition! I really enjoy the way that you folks are thinking about folds as persistent, rather than ephemeral as in most code editors.

A request, if I may: a type-ahead "open quickly" (or even just a keyboard shortcut for the fold navigation menu in the bottom-right) would really help me navigate around large projects. I've folded up a large project, but now getting between sections is very mouse-y. πŸ™

Andy Matuschak

Oh no! Excited as I am to use code folding, the representation in config.json immediately causes very nasty merge conflicts if two collaborators are working in different sections. Alas!

Alexis Morin

Why not code folding based on indentation, like IDEs currenty do?

Brian Williams

regions and code folding in general is one of the main reasons I use other text editors with framer

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