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Kin Chung Wong
Posted Aug 29 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys! I saw Marc Krenn's firebase post and made a realtime chatapp prototype with step by step guidelines using the module for a developer summit in Hong Kong. It is so amazing to use firebase in framer! :D Feel free to play with it.

Framer is still quite new to me! It will be great to have comment from you guys or you may make pull request to it! Thanks!

#firebase #framer


Sergey Voronov

looks familiar to something))

Marc Krenn

Awesome work, Kin Chung! :)

Michael Haase

Hi Kin Chung Wong. Thanks for sharing. I was almost successful in recreating it from your manual on Github. However, I always get an error: "Index not defined, add ".indexOn": "created_at", for path "/messages", to the rules". In the Firebase Database, I can see the created_at data. So I am doing something wrong in Framer, right? Any idea why this is?

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