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Javier Eduardo Treviño
Posted Jun 08 - Read on Facebook

guys is it possible to use HTML and CSS in Framer Studio instead of Sketch layers?


Eugene Shylov

Also interested in answer.

Sergey Voronov

Of course u can

Sergey Voronov here for example i am using material icons font and css for html elements to use them as icons

Stephen Crowley

Hey Javier, you can find some sample code in the docs here: feel free to ask the group for any questions if it already hasn't been asked/answered. Hope that helps.

Sergey Voronov

though mind that u can use html inside framer layers, so layout itself can't act like pure html

Javier Eduardo Treviño

great answers guys, if you want to post relevant articles or examples they'd be so helpful

Jordan Robert Dobson

Oh hell yes. That's practically all I do!

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