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James Ryan
Posted Jun 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys (Koen Bok and friends),

Any plans to introduce support for base64 data urls? Would be particularly useful here :)

Anyone else come across a need for it?

I can see Clint Andrew Hall had a go here but not sure how far it got



Jordan Robert Dobson

You can totally use them. It's just JavaScript so give it a go.

Clint Andrew Hall

I got pretty far, into a working prototype. Unfortunately it required hacky line replacements in the source code, not related to the base64 encoding.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Huh. I'm not sure what you mean. I've never had issues with it.

Koen Bok

Yeah this should be fine to get to work. If you can show me an example where you get stuck, I can help figure it out.

James Ryan

Thanks so much guys. I hacked something together last night and got images uploading/downloading from firebase in base64. Clint Andrew Hall I know what you mean about string replacement. When it's a little tidier I might fork the firebase module and send a PR to add support for images :)

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