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Philippe Côté
Posted Jun 09 - Read on Facebook

Hello group,

I'm trying to use AudioPlayer Module with the latest version of Framer and as soon as I make the progressBar appear, audio playback is stuttering.

When I open one of the included examples -without- updating the libraries, audio plays fine. When I reopen and update libraries, audio stutters again.

Is anyone having the same problem? Is there an easy way to fix this?

Thank you very much.


Philippe Côté

I'm also having another problem: when progressBar is disabled, showTime doesn't work anymore...

Rachel Kieun Park

Hi Philippe, Framer team helped me with this before. You have to replace:
@progressBar.on "change:value", =>
@player.currentTime = @progressBar.value
@progressBar.on Events.SliderValueChange, =>
currentTime = Math.round(@player.currentTime)
progressBarTime = Math.round(@progressBar.value)
@player.currentTime = @progressBar.value unless currentTime == progressBarTime
in your file in the module. Hope that solves it!

Philippe Côté

Hello Rachel, thanks for helping me with this! I’ll it out. :) Thanks again!

Philippe Côté

This solves the first problem, thank you! Would you happen to know how to fix the second one (showTime doesn’t work without showProgress)? It’s not important for me but maybe I could send the fix on Github for other people...

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