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Henry Latham
Posted Jun 06 - Read on Facebook

Need a bit of help on this drag & drop prototype. I'm essentially trying to say that isDropped = true when the profile image on the right is dropped on or within 150px of the blank hexagon on the left. Not sure of the correct syntax.

The commented (#) section is the one that needs correcting:


Jorn van Dijk

You're close. Try: if gd.x > dt.x and gd.y > dt.y

Andreas Wahlström

Here's a snippet for situations like this: Jorn van Dijk maybe there should be some basic collision detection in core?

Henry Latham

Jorn van Dijk Still not there. It needs be isDropped = true when gd.y = gd +/- 150 (i.e. not just gd.y > dt.y). See video:

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