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Victor Nogueira
Posted Jun 06 - Read on Facebook

Worked on the Apple Watch springboard this weekend, just for fun. Really love how unique this UI is, so thought it would be cool to try and rebuild it.

I don’t even have the watch, so keep in mind the animations/behavior are not 100% accurate.

Demo here:


Ziqu Zou


Andre Cardoso

Wow! It looks great!! :)

Krijn Rijshouwer

This is awesome Victor Nogueira!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Great work. The top and bottom edges should scale as well but this great work!

Victor Nogueira

Hey Jordan Robert Dobson. Thanks! I had both axis scaling at the same ratio, but it resulted in tiny icons at the top and bottom of the screen. I tried to get the geometry close to this (on load):

In the prototype the vertical axis scales 3x less than the horizontal. Do you have any trick in mind? I want to make it as closer to the original as possible.

Victor Nogueira

Thanks, Andre Cardoso, Krijn Rijshouwer and Ziqu Zou :)

Allen Chan

so simple but amazing...

Sergio Riva

Brutal !!!

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