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Stanislas Chaillou
Posted Jun 06 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framers! I am stuck with my prototype. It works this way: You can click on a square in the bottom right corner to create a blue dot. This dot can me dragged anywhere on the screen and will on DragEnd go automatically to the center of the screen. When it reaches the red circle in the center it disappears and is sent to a menu bar that we can open by clicking on the upper right corner.

I want the blue dot (you ll see it in the prototype) to go to a menu bar at the end of an animation. I am using '' to prevent framer from endlessly repeating the command, because AnimationEnd seems to be triggering my action again and again otherwise ( But my problem is that I want my blue dot to be able to go to the menu bar again, if it would reach again the red center.

Here is my prototype:

How can I keep listening to AnimationEnd and not have the my action being repeated again and again?


Krijn Rijshouwer

Hey Stanislas Chaillou,

You can simply listen to the Animation instead of the Layer. I fixed it for you →

Stanislas Chaillou

Hi Krijn! Thanks so much, really appreciate it. I am still new to Framer, didn t know we could listen to an event. Thx again!!

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