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Hyengjoo Nam
Posted Jun 09 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,
I made a simple “downloading” animation working with SVG Paths in Framer.

I hope this will help, enjoy it :-)

I studied SVG paths through below article! Thanks Josh Puckett.

When it comes to bounce effect, I got a inspiration from Chris Gannon's work in dribbble.

I’m a newbie here! so If you have some suggestions with better codes feel free to advise me :-)


Michael Hanson

I love how clean it is. Good job :)

Albert Abril


Kevin Keiper

Too complicated

Muhammad Tarek

That's beautiful

Chris Chen

Cool concept!

Ace Lorh

Oh my gerd, love it! Good job :)

Vidit Kothari

The bounce effect is Lovely :)

Matt Moheeka


Syd Lawrence

Rob Hampson

Enrique Benitez

Super awesome!

Dhruv Sharma

Great work (y). I can use some help here. I tried pathToSvg plugin but it is not copying code to my clipboard, therefore I'm unable to paste code on framer Studio. Is something else to be done which is not written in the article? Thanks in advance :)

Alessio Zork

really cool!

Jon Madison

Nice take on a loading animation

Gita Adi Ramdhani

Hyengjoo Nam may I share it on ?

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