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Johan Sjöstrand
Posted Jun 06 - Read on Facebook

So I'm using onTap on an object in a scrollable list.. but when I scroll it and let go it still fires the onTap event. I don't want it to fire when I'm scrolling the list. I've also tried onClick but I guess they are the same. onTap behave like I would expect onTapEnd to behave. I'm using it together with the Viewcontroller module to switch screens on the tap event.


Danny Nathan

I've had a similar issue. Would love to see if someone recommends a solution.

Victor Nogueira
Anton Jarl

Use this in your onTap event, as the first action:

return if scroll.isDragging

Where the scroll ofcourse is the name of you sroll.
That will cancel the onTap if the scroll is scrolling.

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